Inbound marketing entices your target audience to seek you out

For the first time with Event Expo, we are offering to promote and publish your own article that showcases your expertise

Getting in front of your audience as an EXPERT is much more important than getting in their face as a SALES PERSON, and this is a great opportunity to do just that. If we find your article of value to our audience of event planners, we will feature it prominently on our website and share it via our social media channels.

The very BEST articles…

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Anatomy of a great inbound marketing “expert article”

The purpose of an Expert Article is to NOT turn a reader off with trying to sell them your product or service, but instead leave a reader with an appreciation for the value that you just freely and unselfishly shared with them.

The author’s kickback comes from the short Author bio and credentials. Many readers that were interested enough to read the article will also be interested to know more about the author and their products or services, as now a sense of trust has been established.

Here’s a 3-minute intro video that does a great job at defining online inbound marketing:


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