Cleveland’s Event Expo is the biggest, the best trade show in Cleveland for people in the event industry

If you’ve ever planned an event, office party or company retreat, Event Expo will show you how to take it to another level. Event Expo‘s mission is to provide you with the Services, Inspiration and Resources that you need to make any event EPIC!

Always free to attendees, Expo provides  you with a day of Cleveland’s best food, entertainment, knowledge and inspiration that will leave you with a revitalized outlook on your own upcoming events. Event Expo brings you the best Northeast Ohio has to offer in indoor and outdoor facilities, catering, entertainment, speakers and much more.  Cleveland’s premier vendors will show you what’s new and hot in the event planning industry.

An icon since 2007, Event Expo keeps building on its success

The first Event Expo took place on April 25th, 2007 at The Forum in Cleveland. The show sold out and was an immediate success. Event Expo 2007 featured over 60 exhibitors and 500 Northeast Ohio meeting and event planners. Event Expo 2008 featured over 80 exhibitors and over 800 attendees and the size and venue continued to grow.

Event Expo continued its upward trend moving to the House of Blues for 2009-2013. Expo 2014 found a new home at the (then) brand new Music Box on the West Bank of the Flats.

In spite of continued support and interest, Event Expo took a two year hiatus while the producers re-structured ownership. The Event Expo 2018 reemergence picked up the growth trajectory as if not missing a beat — quadrupling in size at at the Cleveland Convention Center.  Four times the size and four times the fun!


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