10 reasons why you MUST attend Cleveland Event Expo 2018Why you must attend
Cleveland Event Expo 2018


One stop shop. Event Expo is the largest trade show for event planners in the tri-state area drawing the most Event Expo of Clevelandsuccessful and innovative vendors in the event industry. And this year, it’s 4 times bigger!


Technology. The event industry changes rapidly. Technology has allowed for greater reach and interactivity and our vendors will show you the latest and greatest offerings live at Event Expo.


Partnerships. The event industry is a conglomeration of complementary industries that work together to provide innovative events. Event Expo is the perfect event to find a nurture a new partnership that can expand your reach in your market.


Personal connections. “You are an average of the 5 people that you are closest to”. We usually hear this in regards to our personal life, but it’s very true about our professional lives as well. Come to Event Expo and meet a few new creative partners who will inspire you to reach greater heights.


Event Expo has been named “Best Networking Event of the Year” by CBC Magazine four times.


Inspiration. While past Event Expos have featured event superstar Keynote speakers, this year’s Expo will a number of brands and personalities that will inspire you with event planning, marketing, social media concepts.


Awesome food. Each Event Expo features a number of caterers that share samples of their best culinary offerings.


Fun. This year’s Event Expo will feature more interactive games and entertainment than ever before.


Resources. Event Expo puts you in direct contact with the most trusted providers of event products and services as well as the newest and most groundbreaking ideas and solutions. The success of your next event depends on the quality of your vendors. You’ll find them at Event Expo.


Special discounts. Many of our exhibitors offer Event Expo attendees special discounts on their products and services that can’t be found elsewhere.