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Exhibiting at Cleveland’s largest event show for event planners and suppliers is a once per year opportunity to impress your target audience and make alliances with complementary businesses in our industry. While we all want our brand in front of our audience in order to make near instant conversions, perhaps the biggest Return On Investment (ROI) with trade shows comes from making connections with complementary companies within the event industry.

Referrals from other companies can change your company in scope forever

We will make every effort to put you in proximity to other exhibitors that are complementary. The earlier you sign up, the better chance you have of getting your perfect location at the show. You’ll also be able to take advantage of our substantial Early Bird discount!

Cleveland Event Expo through the years

Make the most of this opportunity!

  • Be as visual as possible with a professional display
  • Interact with your audience – this can be with food, gifts or entertainment
  • Follow up with ALL THREE of your lists! You’ll receive a full list of the attendees and exhibitors of Event Expo (warm leads) as well as the HOT leads that YOU generate the day of the show!
  • Take advantage of the sponsorship and advertising opportunities provided for maximum exposure
  • Submit an original “expert article” to our site. If approved, we will post it, and feature it on our site and social media, which is an audience of thousands of event planners and suppliers throughout Ohio and PA! The very best articles will also be featured in this year’s Event Expo Showbook!

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Upon successful Check Out, you will be prompted to register for Your Account member area, where you will receive your free eBook on how to maximize your return on the show. You’ll also have access to your Company Logo/Description Upload page, so you can start getting exposure during our peak traffic time leading up to the Show, as well as advertising and sponsorship opportunities!

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Sponsorship opportunities

STEP 1 : Choose exhibit space


Maximize your exposure with a 20 foot footprint!

Our feature booths are located on the Exhibit Level – receiving optimal engagement with attendees and fellow exhibitors. Buy now while room is still available.

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Cleveland Event Expo 10 foot nonprofit exhibit space

10′ exhibitor space for nonprofits

Save $200.00

$800.00Add to cart

10′ exhibitor space

Our most popular exhibit space!

$1,000.00Add to cart

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ebook-Maximizing Your Trade Show ROI by Barry Edwards, Edwardscom.net

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